Why Andaman Is Totally Worth That Travel Loan

It is strange that more than Indians, international travellers have visited the island of Andaman. Did you know that Radhanagar Beach in Havelock Island is one of the best 10 beaches in the world? So, Andaman totally deserves a place in a traveller’s bucket list. If you do not want to miss special island activities and water sport there, it won’t come cheap. Money shouldn’t be a problem, if you are employed. Alternative lenders are making a good bit of noise and many are relying on quick personal loanshavelock-338536 from such Fintech start-ups to live their dream. In this article, I would like to delve into the unique and raw beauty that Andaman is.

Mysterious and enticing, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is romance in sand; a byword for beach ecstasy for honeymoon couples and sporty kinds.  

A gigantic collision that lifted a portion of the Himalayas, it weaved a magical spell of the Andaman fragmented on the Bay of Bengal. With ocean based actions and eco-tourism, the Andamans has come a long way from its murky history of the colonial rule and the IInd World War. This is where the notorious Cellular Jail peppers you with gory tales of brave souls perished here.

Feel the difference the moment you step out of the Veer Savarkar Airport, Port Blair with a wave of tropical scented air. As you stroll along the lanes and narrow roads you feel happy to see the lack of traffic, a welcoming sign of an ultimate getaway. Away from the vagaries of metros, the swaying palms bordering the cobalt blue beaches and glistening corals of the Islands seem too good to be true. Sudden drum beats slice the quietude of the place as a reminder of the presence of indigenous tribes like the Jarawas and the Onges.

Andaman get festive in December and January with its Island Tourism Festival that transform the Islands’ cultural outlook. It is a sizable effort to encourage eco-tourism here and you can see a medley of activities unfold before you. Feast your eyes on acrobatics and other tribal performances. Celebrated dancers and musicians from all over India are invited to perform for the Island Tourism Festival.

The beaches are at their most boisterous and action packed with diving competitions, waterskiing, Canoe Race and swimming contests organized by the Andaman Water Complex, Port Blair. Nicobar Hodi Race is the jewel of the crown. Excitement runs high as people cheer loudly for their teams. The festivities also see magic shows or puppet shows as side amusements.

If anything gives Port Blair a bold shade in the world map, it has to be the Cellular Jail, notorious with the sobriquet, ‘Kala Paani’ (Black Water). It is a must visit in your tour of the Islands because this bloodcurdling monument has witnessed the grotesque side of the Indian national movement and the IInd World War. Skulduggeries for power existed since time immemorial.

Stepping into the Cellular Jail is a grim reminder of what it cost the country to become the biggest democracy in the world. With a tower in the centre of the seven wings, the monument looks like a bizarre and many-lipped flower. Catch a light and sound show at the jail explaining the evolution of the gaol. It is narrated from the perspective of the ancient tree at the prison entrance with special light effects.

Want to escape the dismal feeling of the prison? What better than sampling some Andamanese Seafood? Have a delicious lunch of steaming rice and spicy tiger prawn masala. Don’t leave the place without trying the Andaman delicacies like Andaman lobsters with salad, Grouper fish curry, Mud Crab and Andaman Oil Shark fry. The thriving tourism and regional influences have definitely changed the Andaman food culture of tropical fruits and raw fish for good.

From the Phoenix Jetty of Port Blair, you can see the seven islands in the Bay of Bengal like green dots. A harbour cruise from the Jetty takes you for a memorable tour around these popular island destinations like Chatham, Cobyne Cove, Chidiya Thapu, Vyper, Ross, Havelock and Barren.

Have you ever tried a sea plane ride? It is the latest trend in the Island Tourism. Go for an enthralling sea plane ride to Barren Island, the most distant island in the archipelago and enjoy the glimpses of the island, sprawled with golden rushes and bordered with roaring sea. It is the only island in India whose blazing cone is perpetually active with puffs of smoke rising up making it a household name among experts and history buffs. You can see that the volcanoes have left the island scarred on one side and thinned the population considerably.

A gala time endorsed in water sports, seafood, jungle treks and festivities, the days swim by much too quickly. A beach holiday is a challenge to your strengths and a chance to enjoy the beauty of doing nothing. Calm and ferocious the sea fronts of Andaman are stimulating scenes to look at. Now you know why people rush to the coasts of Andaman.


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