Top 7 Resource Management Skills from Mr. India

Who can forget the monstrous and megalomaniac, General Mogambo, the iconic antihero in Mr. India? We have learned a great many lessons from him. One shouldn’t sell adulterated food, one must not throw people into acid pit and of course one should never ever underestimate the power of an invisible common man. These are the donts. What about the dos? Without delving into the cinematic jargons behind the movie’s cult classic status, there are some take-homes regarding resource management in the film.

Mogambo was more than your average power-hungry villain unlike the protagonist. He was also a genius in money management and an even more brilliant marketer; a sharp contrast to the hero himself. When Mogambo was not busy hatching plots to wreak havoc and conquer ‘Hindustan’, he was dishing out some excellent lessons in escalating cash flow and investing in related desirables.


7 Tips From The Best:

a. Identifying & Analyzing Resources:

When his henchmen reported about the invisibility gadget, he instantly identified its potential to help him meet his crazy goals. Like any great analyst, he was quick to pounce on possible threats, eradicate them or get them on his side.

b. Branding – ‘Mogambo khush hua’:

Mogambo has it quite straightforward. He could successfully transform this phrase to fear-cum-result inducing phrase. If all goes to his plan, he is happy. And he’d better be kept happy. Or else…

c. Quick to Identify Both the Sides of a Coin:

Every financial decision has two sides just as the central character in the movie. The trick is to research the pros and possible cons of a scheme. And then craftily remove snuff out the hitches.

d. To Maintain An Objective Outlook:

You can learn a thing or two from Mogambo about being neutral and razor-sharp. Wrong him once and you are ‘fired’. He truly understands the essence of keeping monetary resources and human resources apart. Literally.

e. To Plan For Future:

One rainy day and the entire household of the protagonist goes hungry for two days. And since not all of us are blessed with a soft-hearted quirky friend like Seema, it would do well to make the right investments at the right time.

f. Motivate At The Right Time:

Inspiring a certain kind of allegiance and devotion is no joke. Even if it indiced by efar and manipulation. Mogambo managed it. If the mission ‘Mogambo khush hua’ is achieved, the henchmen are rewarded handsomely. How else do you think he was able to ensure flawless (ridiculous) loyalty?

g. To Not Underestimate The Ordinary:

Even Mogambo’s mistakes can be a huge life lesson in store. Like most tyrants, his downfall too was met by confrontation with the commonest of common man.


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