Selling your home? Top 5 mistakes to avoid


The millenium has witnessed a drastic rise in the number of homebuyers compared to the 90s. Be it newly constructed flats or second hand houses, the demand doesn’t show any sign of diminishing. Selling your home can be as baffling and bamboozling an experience as buying one, perhaps even more so. Both are bound to commit some oft-repeated slipups.


Let us eliminate those mistakes one by one:

1 .Ignoring Minor Flaws:

Many property owners put their house on the market without solving the issue within. Ask any realtor or broker, they will happily enlighten you why everything about the home has to be in perfect condition before . A few fix here and there and the salability soars sky-high. Even if you end up taking home improvement loans, it could prove lucrative when you finally close the deal. So please go ahead and putty those cracks, repaint where necessary, change the cabinet, repaint the walls and so on.

2. Choosing The Wrong Broker/Realtor:

Can you (or anyone) vouch for your chosen agent’s credibility and expertise? Opt for a seasoned and reputed one, even if they charge you more. Honest dealing is better than cheap dealing, so please avoid those crafty-shifty fellas. A good agent generally takes care of all the meetings, most of the negotiations, property checks and visits before getting you directly involved.

3. Giving A Broker/Realtor A Total Miss:

Is it because you are anxious about the would-be high fees they might levy? The tactic of not employing a realtor has proven to be a paisa-smart-rupee-foolish one. You will only waste precious time and effort (not to mention paid leaves, transportation costs etc.) and in the end hire a realtor or sell it iff at throwaway price just to get it over with. Smart agents are less stressful and can work things in your favor with regards to tax and general market trends at the time.

4. Selling At The Wrong Time:

Timely selling is one of the oldest and effective rules in this arena. As property prices are tantalizingly fluctuating like adolescent mood swings, realtors swear by this rule. For instance, a festive time (Christmas, Navratri, Vishu etc.) is always an good moment to make a sale as such days are normally considered auspicious.

5. Not Being Nice To Potential Buyers:

A smile always work in favor of a scowl- universal fact. Unfriendly or ‘take-it-or-leave-it’ attitude can definitely put off possible buyers, despite the beauty of the home or a good bargain. It is important that clients should feel that undefinable and positive connection to your house. They should be able to picture themselves having a happy time in the house. If you seem grumpy and rude (unsmiling), they will take it as a bad sign.  Appearing reluctant to show around the home (could be because the owners still live there) is another bad move.


Summing It Up:

Patience is virtue- in life as well as when selling your house. You never know when you might strike a dream deal. It could take weeks. It is all about making smart picks and astute decisions and your sale will be the best you ever made in life.


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