Adventures in RangiRoa – It’s Possible With Travel Loans


Rangiroa, lovingly called as Rangi, is not yet another gem belonging to the French Polynesian Islands, but the largest of them all! Did you know Rangiroa means ‘endless skies’ in the local lingo? A long and thin consortium of hundreds of small motu wound together in a disproportionate circle, it is home to a lagoon so huge that it could cover the whole atoll of Tahiti. The water and skies are so clear that you can literally see to the bottom.Image

Sights, Sounds & Scents:

Rangiroa’s hospitality sector has been shaped around this cobalt-blue lagoon and Avatoru Pass & Tiputa Pass, connected to the Pacific Ocean. Divers find this spot heavenly and they usually halt at the island’s main village Avatoru. Compared to the more boisterous and happening atolls like Bora Bora, Rangi is often sidelined as minimalist and quiet. Yet, it is considered as a fine metro by people from other parts of the archipelago. With neatly paved avenues, some local shops, a few holiday resorts, hedonistic restaurants and unlimited internet. And this is only the first layer of the cake; more layers and cherry on top to be found as you explore more and more.

Paddling, Swimming, Diving & Snorkeling:

Rangiroa is touted as the Diving Mecca and with good reason! Boasting of some of the most sought-after and easily accessible diving spots replete with inexhaustible aquatic life. It is sad that the frequent cyclones have literally ruined the corals here. If you are not into this kind of aqua sport, you can explore the stretches by taking a boat cruise to the breathtakingly beautiful Lagon Bleu and Île aux Récifs. Tiputa pass too is favored as a dive site by seasoned divers. This is where you can catch glimpses of sharks and manta rays. Snorkeling through this Pass is one adrenaline-charged aquatic experiences here. If you are lucky you might even spot dolphins in large groups frolicking away. A stroll along the shores will be pleasant with your feet rubbing the gravelly coral while being washed by waves.

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